Apple AirPods Max March Deliveries Now Shipping in Canada, Earlier than Expected

Apple’s AirPod Max wireless headphones quickly sold out after launch, with new deliveries pushed back 10-12 weeks, well into March.

However, Apple’s timeline for AirPods Max deliveries in Canada has improved, in yet another case of the company underpromising and overdelivering.

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According to iPhone in Canada reader Jean-Marc, his AirPods Max order from December 9, was originally destined for March delivery. However, 10 days later, Apple told him it would be delivered by February 16-22.

But on Friday morning, another Apple status update was sent out to note his order had shipped—a full five weeks before the estimated delivery date, which Jean-Marc says is a nice “surprise” from the iPhone maker.

Airpods max shipped

Currently, AirPods Max are showing delivery dates of 7-8 weeks right now on AirPods Max were also available on a while back, and on sale, but they are no longer listed on the site.