Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks Apple Watch, Health and Fitness on ‘Outside’ Podcast

On the December 9 episode of the ‘Outside Podcast‘, host Michael Roberts had the pleasure of some one-on-one time with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Park. Cook talked about the newest Apple Watch, Apple’s venture into the health and wellness space, and his own outlook on health and fitness.

When he’s not in the office steering a global tech giant to success or receiving accolades for his exemplary leadership (or responding to emails from fans like you!), Apple’s CEO likes to work out and step outside for some fresh air.

Even though Cook believes diversity is “the future of [his] company,” Apple’s foray into the health and wellness industry with the Apple Watch was completely unplanned.

Today, the Apple Watch’s health-related functionality is key to its tremendous success, and also became the perfect segue for Apple to move into this new market with products like the upcoming Fitness+ online training platform.

Cook says he’s obsessed with fitness and works out on the daily, and that he absolutely loves spending time in nature. Describing Tim Cook’s job as ‘high-pressure’ would be an understatement, so it comes as no surprise that he sees being outdoors and completely unplugged to be “like a palate cleanser for the mind.”