Apple CEO Tim Cook to Undergo 7-hour Deposition for Epic Games Case

A judge has ordered Tim Cook to sit for a 7-hour deposition as part of Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple.

According to a new report from Gizmodo, Epic Games had wanted to depose Cook for eight hours, according to court documents. Apple’s lawyers tried to get the CEO out of the deposition by citing the apex doctrine, before offering a compromise of four hours, the report explains.

California judge Thomas S. Hixon said that seven hours is the length of time “a witness must suffer being deposed,” adding that any longer would be “unjustified.”

Apple also asked to subpoena internal documents from Samsung, but the request was denied. Apple wanted to prove its App Store rules and practices aren’t unique to the firm. Judge Hixon said Epic Games’ arrangement with Samsung “cannot serve as a stand-in for some larger category of market participants.”

Cook’s sworn, out-of-court testimony could be used in the trial between Apple and Epic Games, which begins in May.

The legal battle began last year, when Apple took down Epic’s popular battle royale game, Fortnite, from the App Store. Apple did so because Fortnite enabled its own billing method for in-app purchases, instead of using Apple’s in-built methods, something the iPhone maker’s policies dictate must be done.

As some may already be aware, this case does have potential to set some landmark precedent. Depending on the final ruling, the outcome could have consequences for any developer selling an app through the iOS store. With the Fortnite ban having such implications, it does make sense for Cook to sit for the deposition. Whether or not that could have been resolved in four hours, rather than seven, is impossible to say.