HomePod Gets New Siri Languages, Can Now Make and Receive Phone Calls

At its special media event earlier today in Cupertino, California, Apple announced a bunch of new iPhones including a new 6.1” LCD model as well as the all-new Apple Watch Series 4. During the keynote, CEO Time Cook also announced that the HomePod is getting a handful of new features with support for new Siri languages in an upcoming software update.


With a free software update, HomePod will add support for Spanish in the US, Spain, and Mexico, while expanding support in Canada with Canadian French. Other new features coming to HomePod include the following:

Search by lyrics:

In addition to asking Siri to play a particular song, artist or genre, now it’s easy to ask Siri to “play the song that goes like this…” or ask Siri to “play the song that goes ‘I’m a rebel just for kicks now.’”

Set multiple timers:

HomePod now supports multiple named timers. Set a timer for the cake, another one for lasagna and another one as a reminder to dim the lights — using just your voice.

Make and receive phone calls:

Conveniently use HomePod to make and receive phone calls for crisp and clear audio quality. To make a call, simply ask Siri to call someone from Contacts or say the number to call. Incoming calls are automatically directed from iPhone to HomePod — just ask Siri to answer the phone — and for missed calls, it’s as easy as asking, “Hey Siri, who just called?”.

Find My iPhone:

The popular Apple Watch feature comes to HomePod, so users can ping any of their nearby devices to find them.

Siri Shortcuts:

As Siri learns routines and suggests ‘shortcuts’ on iPhone and iPad, these same shortcuts are now accessible on the HomePod. 

The update will be rolled out next Monday, September 17th alongside iOS 12.