Apple Invites Top Fashion Editors to Sept. 9 Event, Emphasizes Wearable Debut

Apple’s upcoming September 9 media event is expected to announce new iPhone 6 models, which have leaked widely across the web.

But with numerous reports the company is set to debut a wearable device, Reuters reports Apple has sent out first-time invites to top fashion editors to attend the event, a sign the company aims to court the fashion industry with its new smart watch.

Several fashion media editors told Reuters they received invitations for the first time to an annual September product-launch, which they took as confirmation of a wristwatch in the wings.

“I assume it’s because they are unveiling a wearable,” said Lea Goldman, features and special projects director for Marie Claire magazine, a first-time invitee. “This suggests Apple is serious about tapping into the fashion world, which often sits on the sidelines.”

According to Reuters, Apple last month held an event at an Apple Store in New York to highlight fashion and retail apps to a small number of style editors, with the event invitation detailing it was a “first-of-its-kind event”.

Last year, Apple partnered up with Burberry to exclusively show off the iPhone 5s, which filmed an entire fashion show for the designer brand’s 2014 Spring/Summer line up.

Other first-time invitees include fashion site Refinery29’s health and science director Kelly Bourdet, along with the editor in chief for Fashionista, Lauren Indvik.

Apple has made high profile fashion hires lately, such as Tag Heuer’s former VP of global sales and retail Patrick Pruniaux, ex-Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve, and current retail chief Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry.

With fashionistas on board at Apple’s September 9 media event, expectations are high the company will release a smart watch that doesn’t look like a smart watch, but rather a luxurious fashionable accessory.