Apple Says This iPhone XS Clip Demos ‘Highest Quality Video of Any Smartphone’

With Apple’s new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, the company says their new flagship devices can film the “highest-quality video of any smartphone”:

4K video and wider stereo playback. iPhone XS shoots the highest-quality video of any smartphone. With better low-light performance. Extended dynamic range in videos up to 30 fps. Stereo recording. And stereo playback with wider sound separation.

Iphone xs video

On Apple’s YouTube channel, the company shared a video clip titled “Shot on iPhone XS — Experiments in 4K, Slo-mo, and Time-lapse,” which demonstrates video from the latest phone:

A first look at stunning video shot on the new iPhone XS – the highest quality video of any smartphone. Water, fire, metal and light were used to create these mesmerizing scenes using 4K, Slo-mo, and Time-lapse. #ShotoniPhone by Donghoon J. and Sean S.

The video clip at 1 minute and 44 seconds long, shows off some pretty cool video experiments filmed on an iPhone XS. Now all you need to do is recreate it yourself at home after dropping $2K on a maxed out iPhone XS Max.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think: