Apple: July was a Record Setting Month for App Store Revenue

App store

Apple has told CNBC the company’s App Store hit record-setting revenue numbers in July, plus also had a record number of customers making transactions as well.

After Apple’s recent third quarter earnings announcement, CEO Tim Cook told CNBC, “I couldn’t be happier. This is the best execution of any quarter since I’ve been at Apple.”

Apple’s iTunes software and services were the fastest growing segment of business in the first 9 months of the company’s fiscal year, according to the company’s earning’s call. The App Store has well over a million apps for customers.

Tim Cook was elated about July, and sent out the following tweet:

Apple is expected to announce its upcoming iPhone 6 event on September 9, according to Re/code. It’s going to be an exciting fall for Apple, which executive Eddy Cue previously said will have “the best product pipeline” he’s seen in 25 years at the company.

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  • Kirk

    Great news for Apple, but what made July so special? Was there any Stand out apps?

  • Could be just based on the current number of iOS users. Looks like this ‘tidbit’ of exclusive info was provided to CNBC to grab some headlines. ‘Coincidentally’ afterwards, Re/code reported the iPhone 6 event was set to take place on Sept. 9.

  • Kirk

    Heh, good point Gary. Always the source of information (iPhone specific) we can count on. A little self promotion? Why can’t companies give themselves a pat on the back eh? Lol.. 😉