Apple To Use OLED Technology From Supplier In Japan [REPORT]

Rumors regarding Apple’s plans to integrate OLED display in their speculative 2017 iPhone device have been swirling about the internet for quite some time now. Fueling the fire, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that the company might actually be adopting the display technology for its next-generation iPhone from a single supplier named Canon Tokki Corp., from Japan.


Located among peaceful rice fields near the the city of Mitsuke in the Niigata prefecture of Japan, the Canon Tokki Corporation, an offshoot of the photo and printer company, has been building organic light emitting diodes on glass or plastic (for flexible OLEDs) for around twenty years, giving it an advantage over the competition.

“Cannon Tokki Corp., surrounded by rice fields in the city of Mitsuke in Niigata prefecture, has a near monopoly on the machines capable of making screens with organic light-emitting diodes, which enable sharp, vibrant displays that use less energy,” the report read. “A unit of Canon Inc., the company of 343 employees has spent more than two decades perfecting the manufacturing equipment used by OLED screen makers.”

The company reportedly makes fewer than 10 machines per year and has a two-year backlog due to high-demand, which will most likely impact Apple’s production of iPhone devices if the tech giant does decide to go this route.

“We are doing all we can to increase output and make that wait shorter,” said Chief Executive Officer Teruhisa Tsugami, adding that demand for its products from display makers will most likely remain strong for the next few years.