Apple, Samsung Fail to Settle U.S. Patent Case, Headed For Another Patent Trial in March


The Wall Street Journal reports that after their attempt to settle their latest patent dispute, Apple and Samsung will begin another trial in March.

According to a filing with the U.S. district court in San Jose, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO J.K. Shin could not reach an agreement after they met with a mediator in February to try and settle on a deal. The filing said:

“The mediator’s settlement proposal to the parties was unsuccessful.”

To be clear, this is a retrial of the case with newer devices and patents including the Galaxy S3, not the one Apple brought back in 2011 where Samsung was forced to pay nearly one billion dollars in damages.

“Apple first sued Samsung in 2011 saying the South Korean company copied the design and feel of the iPhone and the iPad … In a high-profile U.S. case, a federal jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple a combined $930 million for infringing Apple’s intellectual property.”

The two companies being unable to reach an agreement is not surprising given the history of their meetings. Until Apple and Samsung reach an agreement, they will continue to fight in court over patent infringements.

The trial in March will include a new set of patents and devices, including more recent Samsung products, and industry experts predict that the Korean company may have to pay higher amounts in damages if they are found guilty of infringing on Apple’s patents.