Apple Now Lists Telus, VMedia as TV Providers that Let You Sign In from iOS or Apple TV

Back in April we told you the first TV provider to join Apple’s single sign-on service was VMedia, which recently launched RiverTV; Telus and its Optik TV service followed shortly in late May when iOS 13.5 was released.

At the time, Apple had not updated its list of TV providers that support signing in via iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, to include Canada. But now that has changed, as Apple’s official list of countries now lists Canada, with Telus and VMedia as supported TV providers.

With Single Sign-On, TV customers can sign into their TV provider directly on their iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. All you have to do is sign in once, then you’re signed in automatically across all devices thanks to iCloud Keychain.

Knowing Telus is already part of Apple’s Single Sign-On service, you can expect other providers to join soon, specifically Rogers, Bell and more.