Apple to Release Emergency iOS Update This Week, Patching Out Text Bug

Late last week, it was discovered that a major text bug had the ability to crash iOS, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch devices. This began to spur a bit of panic as users felt vulnerable to potentially damaging effects caused by the bug. Luckily, it appears as though Apple has a fix on its way this week.

The text bug in question would lock up and crash a number of Apple devices receiving a notification containing a specific string of characters in the Sindhi language. This flaw in the current iOS 13.4.1 software is a big deal to many.

These set characters can be sent from any iPhone and affect other iPhone devices. iPads, Apple Watch, and Macs can be affected. Users have experienced that their device can even lock up completely. Forcing a restore through DFU mode would not assist as the damage had already been done.

Thankfully, Apple will be releasing an emergency iOS update this week according to Forbes. In the meantime, the official @AppleSupport Twitter account has been assisting users. Until either the iOS 13.4.5 or an iOS 13.4.2 emergency update is released, AppleSupport highly suggests turning off Message and Mail notifications. Forbes‘ Gordon Kelly tested the iOS 13.4.5 beta and confirmed that the update does indeed patch the text bug.

It is said that the emergency update will also solve the large iOS Mail app exploit.