Apple Watch Apps Will Get Better Soon As Developers Get Hands-On Time With The Device


Many customers who pre-ordered the Apple Watch early enough started receiving their devices yesterday. Some Apple Watch owners have been disappointed to discover that some apps run faster and smoother than others.

The lack of Apple Watch optimized apps is mostly due to the fact that many developers haven’t been able to physically try out an Apple Watch yet. Most of the applications have been built using the Apple Watch simulator provided by the company in Xcode. Even though Apple provides a top-notch simulator in their developer tools, developing and testing an application is always much easier when you have the physical device.

According to an anonymous developer that spoke to Business Insider, Apple Watch apps will get a lot better within the next two weeks as developers get their watches.

“Apple’s first-party apps, they’re not going to be super speedy but they’ll totally be acceptable, but it’s definitely going to be clear third-party apps will be noticeable slower.”


The developer said that Apple’s stock applications are able to run on the Apple Watch itself, while third-party run almost entirely off the user’s paired iPhone. This presents inconsistencies in the loading time and run time of the application with noticeable lag.

“Images on the Apple Watch, for example, it’s better to compress them down to exact size while on the iPhone you can use larger PNG images, You can kind of theoretically think through these things but until you’ve used one in person it will be difficult for developers.”

Have you been experiencing any slow-running third-party application on your Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments below.