Apple Watch Launch in Switzerland Reportedly Delayed Due to Patent Issue


According to a new report from Reuters, Apple may not be able to launch its new wearable device in Switzerland until the end of this year because of a patent issue.

A document from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property states that the tech giant will not be able to use the image of an apple nor the word “apple” to launch the Apple Watch in Switzerland.

The patent, which belongs to William Longe, is set to expire on December 5 of this year. Longe owns the watch brand Leonard and filed the patent in 1985. Apple has not released any official comments about the report.


The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order starting April 10. The company will transform its stores overnight in nine countries and equip them with hands-on tables specially designed for the Apple Watch so that customers can test the new product before ordering it. The Apple Watch will hit store shelves on April 24.

The new wearable device from Apple will range in price from $350 (US) to $17,000 (US) and will be the company’s first new major product category in five years.