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Apple’s US Smartphone Marketshare Remains Unchanged as of Oct 2013 [comScore]

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An earlier study issued by Kantar WorldPanel Comtech already suggested that Apple has had great sales in the past couple months, with its US market share going as high as 52.8% in October but dropping to 40.8% on average for the past three months. The latest comScore report seems to corroborate Kantar’s findings: Apple maintained its lead in the US as the top smartphone OEM with 40.6%, while Android remained the #1 smartphone platform with 52.2% for the three month period ending October.

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According to comScore’s recent data, 149.2 million Americans own a smartphone (62.5% mobile market penetration) as of the end of October. This is up 0.5% compared to a month ago, when the market research company reported 62% market penetration.

Apple’s market share remained unchanged compared to data from a month prior, 40.6%, but Google’s Android platform gained 0.4% compared to September data. Samsung ranked as the #2 smartphone OEM with 25.4%, while Motorola grabbed the third position.

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In terms of smartphone platforms, Apple still retains a strong second position with 40.6%, while Android remains the market leader with 52.2%. BlackBerry is the distant third major player with 3.6%, but it is losing ground, while Microsoft is only 0.5% away from taking over the struggling Canadian company in terms of market share.

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