Bell to Increase Internet Pricing in Ontario and Quebec

According to a new report from MobileSyrup, Bell is planning to increase its internet pricing in Ontario and Quebec.

The changes are expected to take effect on April 1st for existing customers, while new customers will see the effects starting on February 11th. The internal document obtained by MobileSyrup shows the following price changes in Ontario:

The document also reveals the price changes in Quebec:

In a statement, the company explained that they are raising the prices to allow them to grow even faster. Bell said:

“Every year, Bell invests over $3.5 billion in its network infrastructure. These investments enable us to keep providing exceptional new features, even faster Internet technology, world-class entertainment as well as the capacity necessary to support an exponential growth in the use of communications services.”

The move from Bell comes shortly after. Bell has not warned customers in any other provinces about a possible price hike, but the prices could increase in the future.