Calgary Herald To Unveil New Mobile, Web, and Print Editions on Nov. 25


The Calgary Herald is set to unveil reimagined editions of their mobile, web, and print editions on Tuesday, November 25. All stories and visuals on all platforms will now be tailored to your interests.

For mobile, both smartphone and tablet apps will be completely redesigned to carry content specific to the audience and their location. The tablet app will be reconfigured at 6pm everyday with a look at the latest news. The smartphone app will offer live breaking news that reflects events happening within your area.

The web edition of the Calgary Herald will feature a redesign that allows users to find content with ease. The new redesign will serve an average of 1,553,000 unique visitors every month.

The print edition will also receive a redesign, which will see an increase in focus of local news. The local news will be kept front and center, making it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

“You will also see the increasing use of different methods of storytelling, which have generated positive feedback since we began experimenting with some of those six months ago. That includes more emphasis on contextual articles and analysis – less “what happened” and more “how and why.”

In addition to a complete redesign, The Calgary Herald will also be increasing their relationship with the Financial Post to bring high quality business content to its readers.

“I’ll tell you more about the redesigned Herald and our exciting new apps next week. The apps, in particular, will be publishing local content like you’ve never seen before.”

The reimagined Calgary Herald along with the companion mobile apps are set to launch on Tuesday, November, 25.