Facebook Live Rolls Out a Built-In Screen-Sharing Function

Facebook Live, the feature that allows Facebook users to broadcast live video to followers and friends, has been spotted testing a feature that lets you share your screen directly, in real time.

The new addition, first spotted by The Next Web, gives Facebook users another reason to use its Live broadcast functionality and eliminates the need for any third-party software to share the screen on the social network.

Unfortunately for Mac users, this feature isn’t yet supported in Safari. Instead, users will have to use Chrome and install Facebook’s Screen Sharing browser extension. Once you have the extension installed, you can choose what part of your screen you want to share – you can choose based on a specific application or window, or even just one Chrome tab.

The initial test conducted by Navarra showed that the live stream through the built-in screen-sharing feature is not of high quality. However, this might have been due to a poor Internet connection.

Up until now, users were required to use third-party Open Broadcaster Software to broadcast his or her screen with Facebook Live. That option is still useful if you’d like to go beyond a simple screen sharing as the new built-in feature is currently quite limited.