First Look: Apple Store Quartier Dix30 Prepares for Opening [PICS]

Earlier this month it was reported the new Apple Store at Quartier Dix30 in Brossard was said to open on April 27th, based on a story from Les Affaires. The store was confirmed last August by job postings and the new 7,000 square foot retail location will be located beside Holt Renfrew’s HR2 clothing store.

Today we have received first images of what the inside of the new Apple Store looks like almost fully furnished but without Apple devices setup on display. Here’s what the inside of the store looked like almost two weeks ago…

…and as of today, full of furniture (via @PhotoGreekVM):



If the April 27th grand opening date is indeed accurate, expect confirmation from Apple on the 26th on its website to indicate any sort of opening (and free t-shirts for its first visitors of course). Stay tuned!