Flappy Bird Creator Says Comeback Set for August–With Multiplayer

Another story about Flappy Birds? Seriously? Yep, because that’s what the people want! According to CNBC’s Kelly Evans on Twitter earlier this afternoon, she mentioned creator Dong Nguyen told her the game would return in August and have multiplayer (he previously hinted his game would return to the App Store):

The Flappy Bird phenomenon took the world by storm in February and was helping generate $50,000 per day for the indie developer, flying past 50 million downloads.

Eventually, the developer removed the game from the App Store, citing how the game was ruining his life (but clearly not his bank account though).

Later tell-all interviews with Forbes and Rolling Stone revealed Ngyuen removed his game because it was too addicting for players and caused unwanted fame for his “simple life”.

Once Flappy Bird flew the coop, the proliferation of clones soon swarmed the App Store and Google Play, causing both companies to start rejecting new copies.

We know you’re tired of hearing about Flappy Bird, but when it returns, you can bet you’ll still give it a try—right? Right??