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‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Previews Upcoming Game ‘Swing Copters’, Coming August 21 [VIDEO]

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Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen previously teased he was set to release a new game this August, and now it looks like he’s holding onto that promise.

The developer has provided Touch Arcade with an exclusive first-look at the new game, called Swing Copters. Essentially it brings the same look and feel of Flappy Bird, but there’s a new dimension to the game as you now play vertically, instead of side-scrolling.

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Check out the video below—the game is being described as being very hard and difficult to play, following the same model of Flappy Bird:

Swing Copters will debut on August 21 in the App Store for free, with a $0.99 in-app purchase to turn off the advertisement.

Dong Nguyen is the Jay-Z of iOS app developers. Retiring and leaving the app game like nobody’s business.

Anyone excited for this?

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