Google, LG Smartwatch Said to Debut at Google I/O Conference in June

In October last year, it was reported that Google’s smartwatch is in its late-stage development and the company is already in talks with Asian suppliers to begin its mass production. Today, a new report by CNET is claiming that Google and LG are working on a smartwatch, which is expected to debut at Google I/O conference in June. Google is also expected to unveil plans for its smartwatch in a blog post next month.


Previous reports have hinted that Google’s smartwatch will be fully integrated with Google Now, that can answer questions and make recommendations to users based on what they are doing. A similar claim has been made in today’s report as well, noting that Google will employ a Nexus-like model in which it designs the software and controls every aspect of the launch, except for the hardware details, which will be taken care of by LG.

Google will pin its smartwatch-centric operating system on its Google Now voice assistant and search feature, which also drives the core functions of its Google Glass headwear.

Google’s planned smartwatch rounds out a wide portfolio of products that it is directly selling through its Google Play store, making it more of a destination for hot tech gadgets. There is, of course, Google Glass, its other big push in the wearables arena, as well as its Nexus phones and a number of other high-profile smartphones running on pure Android and labeled as “Google Play Edition” devices.

Research has shown that annual sales of wearable devices are projected to reach 485 million units by 2018. Samsung has already introduced two successor smartwatches to its Android based Galaxy Gear i.e the Gear 2 and Gear Neo, each running the company’s own Tizen OS. Apple is also expected to introduce its own smartwatch later this year.