Google’s New Pixel Smartphones Leak Ahead of Keynote [PICS]

Pixel cw 1

Just ahead of tomorrow’s Google keynote event, UK store Carphone Warehouse has leaked extensive details of the company’s upcoming smartphones i.e Google Pixel and Pixel XL, including product shots and renders that seem to come directly from Google (via 9to5Google). The tagline being used by Google for the two phones is “Introducing Pixel. Phone by Google”, with one image saying “Available in 2 sizes”, suggesting identical look for the two phones.

Pixel cw 2

The bottom of the phones show two cutouts beside the USB-C port for what appears to be two rear firing speakers. A slide titled “Your own personal Google Assistant,” provides the first glance of the new Assistant-infused Google app. A microphone icon allows users to manually start speaking, while there are Allo-like suggestions just above it. Another slide shows these two devices will offer “unlimited storage for your photos and videos, all stored at full resolution.”

Check out the leaked slides below for a better idea.

Pixel cw 4

Pixel cw 6

Pixel cw 5 1

Pixel cw 3

Pixel cw 8

Pixel cw 9