Government of Ontario Considers Safe Texting Zones For Highway Drivers

distracted driving

Distracted driving is a growing concern across Canada, being deemed the leading cause of death on the road for the third consecutive year.

In an effort to combat the issue, government officials in Ontario are considering installing signs on highways to alert drivers of upcoming safe texting zones.

Progressive Conservative Vic Fedeli’s private member’s Bill 190, otherwise known as the Safe Texting Zones Act, passed second reading with support from all three parties. The bill has also received support from the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the Insurance Bureau of Canada, and the Ontario Safety League.

The signs, which would be similar to those pointing drivers to upcoming gas stations or restaurants, would be posted to inform drivers as areas where they can safely pull over and use their mobile devices. The bill would allow the Minister of Transportation to designate any part of an Ontario highway as a safe texting zone.

Ontario banned the use of a hand-held device while driving in 2009. Anyone caught doing so behind the wheel faces a minimum $490 fine and three demerit points. Increased fines are not enough to curb distracted driving habits. Fedeli says safe texting zones will save lives and help educate motorists about the dangers of texting and driving.

Do you think that dedicated safe texting zones would be enough to start changing distracting driving habits? Let us know in the comments below.

[via CBC News]