Tom Hanks Says Decision to Release ‘Greyhound’ on Apple TV+ an ‘Absolute Heartbreak’

Tom Hanks has called the decision to debut his new film on streaming platform Apple TV+ “an absolute heartbreak.”

The veteran actor is making the virtual interview rounds to promote the new film, which will premiere on Apple TV+ on July 10. The film, which was intended to be a theatrical release, is instead being offered to viewers through Apple TV+ thanks to the majority of theaters remaining closed around the world.

During an interview with The Guardian, Hanks notes that “Greyhound” missing its theatrical release due to the pandemic is “an absolute heartbreak” and that the Apple TV+ launch just isn’t the same:

But Greyhound has been an especial labour of love for [Hanks], one he sweated over for almost a decade, and it is one of those sweeping war movies that really should be seen on the big screen. So the change in plans has been, he says, “an absolute heartbreak. I don’t mean to make angry my Apple overlords, but there is a difference in picture and sound quality.”

Hanks also claimed that “the cruel whip-masters at Apple” had requested that he conduct press from his home office in front of a blank wall, and not one stocked with his personal belongings:

‌Apple TV‌+ is having a similarly negative impact on Hanks’ appearance in this interview. Even though he is in his office, “the cruel whipmasters at Apple” decided the background needed to be a blank wall, presumably so nosy journalists like me wouldn’t spend the whole encounter snooping at Hanks’ bookcases. Against the eerily empty backdrop, he looks, Hanks rightly says, as if he’s in “a witness protection programme. But here I am, bowing to the needs of ‌Apple TV‌.”

Hanks has been involved with the project for ten years, so his disappointment is understandable. Sony originally planned to release Greyhound in theaters, but after the pandemic, decided to put its rights up for auction. Apple prevailed with a bid reportedly around $70 million USD, making the film an exclusive for its streaming service.