How to Enable iPhone Battery Percentage in Status Bar in iOS 16 Beta

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 16 beta 5 for developers, which brings back the battery percentage icon to the status bar and to the battery icon itself.

Apple previously abolished the battery percentage icon to Control Center when it launched the iPhone X in 2018, as Face ID and the screen notch took away real estate in the status bar. But with iOS 16 beta 5 and eventually the final release this fall, the battery percentage icon returns for good.

How to Enable Battery Percentage on iPhone Status Bar: iOS 16 Beta 5

Step 1: Make sure you have iOS 16 beta 5 installed (build 20A5339d).

Step 2: On iPhone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Percentage > ON

Battery percentage icon ios 16 how to

Once you’ve toggled the setting on, you’ll now see the battery percentage overlayed on top of the battery icon in the status bar. This will now save you a step from sliding down and peeking at Control Center to see your battery percentage remaining.

Battery percentage in iOS 16 beta 5 appears to be missing so far on iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini, likely due to screen constraints? We’ll find out in the final release this fall.

If you’re OCD about your battery percentage, the return of this feature for the status bar will likely be a welcomed addition once iOS 16 drops this fall.