iBrailler Notes for iPad Brings Easy-To-Use Braille Keyboard to Blind Users


iBrailler Notes for iPad brings an easy-to-use Braille keyboard to blind users, allowing for an easy way to create, edit, and share notes.

The app began as a summer project at Stanford University in 2011 and aims to offer blind and vision impaired iPad users an easy way to create and edit Braille notes.

In order to start typing, place 8 or 10 fingers on the screen. Dynamic keys will appear under your fingertips, allowing you to type comfortably without any screen overlays. Editing your notes is only a simple gesture away, making it easy to navigate through your notes and perform cut, copy, and paste functions to move text to and from your other apps.


iBrailler Notes supports English Braille Grade 1 (uncontracted), English Braille Grade 2 (contracted), and Six-Dot Computer Braille. You can also use your own custom Braille standard, following guidelines in the help section of the App.

Once your note is complete, you can upload it to Dropbox or share it via email. The app allows users to import and export BRF files for use with other Braille software.

iBrailler Note for iPad is available as a free download from the App Store. The app requires a device running iOS 7 or later.

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  • Max Power

    Very cool!

  • sqwwuuiwui

    But what the benefit behind this tech for common users? I know its good work for blind users but show me any impressive improvement in it?

  • kim kardsion


  • Chrome262

    so they just type, or do they get feed back on the letters?