iPhone 12 Missing SMS Texts Bug Plagues New Owners

A week into the official launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, users have now had some time to spend with their devices and are sharing their respective experiences. A Reddit thread and multiple Apple Discussions threads are sharing experiences of a worrying issue — dropped messages in group chats.

Anyone who has used iOS devices for a while will be quite familiar with the problem: when you’re part of a group chat in the stock iMessage app, you won’t receive some texts sent by other members, and some of the texts you send will not be delivered, and will have to be sent again from scratch.

This problem affects iOS users seemingly at random, with the circumstances surrounding it being quite mysterious. For example, users have experienced this problem in group chats with both iPhones and non-iOS devices, but being in an all-iPhone group chat doesn’t resolve the issue.

No root cause for the issue has been identified so far, and it can be traced all the way back to the days of the iPhone 5 and 5S, so it’s certainly not new. However, seeing it persist through numerous new iPhones and many, many new iterations of iOS is a rather stark sight.

While iOS 14 brought a boatload of new features and improvements to the iMessage app, a fix for this issue was unfortunately not among them.

In fact, users are reporting that this issue has actually resurfaced with the release of iOS 14, with it being seen on every device from an iPhone 6S up to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Are you dealing with any missing SMS texts on your new iPhone 12?