iPhone 5S, Low-Cost iPhone to Enter Production in June or July, Analyst Says

Apple is preparing to start mass production of multiple new iPhones, right on schedule for a September (or around) launch, Katy Huberty, Morgan Stanley’s chief Apple watcher wrote in a note to investors on Wednesday, after returning from a visit to Hong Kong and Taiwan.


According to the note obtained by AppleInsider, Katy Huberty says the new iPhone models will launch around September, information in line with an earlier report claiming Sharp will start mass production of the next-generation iPhone display next month.

The second model Huberty heard about is the rumoured low-cost iPhone, which will allegedly bring a strategy shift, the end of iPhone subsidies, even if its price will be $330 as whispered. This information seems to suggest that Apple could launch the low-cost iPhone and the high-end iPhone at the same event. This isn’t something unusual, as the company launched the iPad 4 and lower-cost iPad mini during the same event last year.

Regarding the iPhone 5, Huberty has received information that shipments are in balance with demand, which is a positive turn of events, as suppliers complained a couple months ago that had Apple reduced the orders of the iPhone 5.

“After a slow start, iPhone 5, is now on track to meet carrier volume expectations and iPhone 4 price cuts could stimulate incremental demand near-term,” Huberty wrote. “Carriers see the opportunity for Apple to expand market coverage with 5-inch and lower-priced iPhones over time. TD-LTE licenses, and related phone launches, are expected by year-end.”

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  • K3

    ahhhegghh ..July launch……

  • WatDah

    You still think so? Even after Tim Cook says this coming fall? Wouldn’t you think the rumors would be “production already started” by now IF they are launching in July?

  • K3

    Well if you carefully re read that post regarding on what had been said it mentions the version for China as out in the fall and other products to be released through out the year.

    As well a post here last fall had mention of production lines be readied for December/ January on the next iphone production model run.

    Should the phone be released in July the launch would make for a more smoother roll out- last year some HUP wait times were well over a month.

    Last a July release would also allow for a buffer period for the release dates on all the other rumored Apple products out this year.

  • WatDah

    I guess you have high hopes for every rumor.

  • K3

    What month had the 3gs been released in?