Canada: iPhone 6 Pre-Orders Start at 12:01AM PDT, with Reserve and Pickup Option

Canada, get your wallets ready. Online iPhone 6 pre-orders are set to kick off at midnight PDT/3AM EDT, which also includes the previously mentioned Reserve and Pickup option.

We confirmed this with Apple via their online chat system, plus contacting retail stores ourselves (Laval and Pointe-Claire locations confirmed the midnight PDT/3AM EDT time AND specifically mentioned the reserve and pickup option). Each retail location will have a limited number of iPhone 6 units set aside for the reservations option, which should show up via the online order page tonight.

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Unlocked iPhone 6 pricing is again as follows:

iPhone 6

$749 (CAD) for the 16GB model
$859 (CAD) for the 64GB model
$969 (CAD) for the 128GB model

iPhone 6 Plus

$859 (CAD) for the 16GB model
$969 (CAD) for the 64GB model
$1079 (CAD) for the 128GB model

Remember, the best way to order online tonight is to use the Apple Store iOS app, as the process has traditionally been much faster than ordering on the website. Just make sure your payment credentials are setup and ready to go.

Not sure whether to buy iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Check out our hands-on with cardboard cutouts and also take our poll. Almost 2100 of you have voted, with the 64GB versions of both models proving to be the most popular, while the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus taking third place.

Rogers, Telus and Bell will most have their reservations systems in place in the early morning.

See you at midnight PDT/3AM EDT!

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  • raphael

    Got a confirmation from Apple Store Place St-Foy as well for pickup !

  • John Tran

    Just called SquareOne and they said no instore pickup. Where on the canadian site do you see that pickup message posted above?

  • Alex

    Quick question : I am planning on reordering and pick it up at the store. The thing is I live in Montreal but Ill be in toronto that weekend. If I ask the pick up in a toronto store… is it sure I can get it before sunday the 21st (The day I am leaving the city) or should I reserve it in a store in Montreal to be sure… I never pre ordered to pick up and I am kind of nervous hehe… Thank you

  • Nicolas

    TELUS twitted that reservation would be at 12:01 PDT as well

  • The ‘retail page’ link.

  • Alex Randell

    3am?! Ugh… Why could they not split the difference a bit and make it somewhat reasonable for both sides of the continent?

  • Thanks!

  • Nick

    Can you reserve at the apple store if it’s for an upgrade with Bell?

  • Nick

    Or is it only for unlocked purchases?

  • slicecom

    Hmm not sure if I should reserve or order it to my condo and have the concierge accept it. Anyone have any experience with shipping to a concierge or in-store reservation?

  • Ekhlasur Rahman

    @iphoneincanada:disqus do you know if the in-store pickup option will be made available for both users of the Apple Store app and the Apple Online Store? I’m planning on using the Apple Store app to pre-order.

  • Marcel

    Anyone know when will Bell start their pre orders online?

  • Yes. You reserve, then show up to decide whether you want unlocked or contract.

  • Depends how much you trust your concierge with your $1000 iPhone 🙂

  • Luke

    Have had much success with ordering the 4S and the 5 to my concierge. Works like a charm.

  • I am assuming it will, but to be safe, have both (iOS app and browser) going at the same time.

  • Ekhlasur Rahman

    Good call, thanks!

  • Carl

    Just to let you know, if you’re pre-ordering on Fido, their pre-orders start at 3 am PDT or 6 am EDT.

  • slicecom

    Cool, thanks! I didn’t know if they required a signature or anything like that which would delay me receiving my new toy.

  • bspence88

    I’m not sure about the in store pick-up… But when the iPhone 5 got shipped to me I got it the day of launch and I actually walked into the mall at 11:00am with my brand new iPhone while people were still waiting in line. That being said, I’ve waited in line for all other launches just for the fun of it.

  • slicecom

    True, and it would be fun to be a part of the crowd at launch, but know I have a phone reserved and just have to pick it up. Decisions decisions.

  • pegger1

    Depends if you’re at the top of the pre-order list. If you’re late accessing the pre-order, the shipping dates start getting pushed. Not everyone who pre-orders on Friday will get a phone the following Friday, it depends on quantities.

  • guest

    If you do the pre-order with pickup, are you guaranteed to be told you can pick it up that day? Or, like with delivery pre-orders, do you risk getting it later (being told your device will be available for pickup another day)

  • Mike Hearts

    I just spoke with Rogers and they said the pre-sale starts at 6am EST – Can someone confirm if it is 6am EST or 3AM EST?

  • My little question about pick it up…. when do you pay ? Will it be taken right away from credit card ? or only when you get the iPhone in store ?

  • Sly

    if we do the reserve and pickup, does that mean I can go to my local apple store anytime on launch day without worrying about the morning lines?

  • guest2

    Speaking to Laval now, they deny in store pickup is available

  • pegger1

    If you’re top of the pre-order list, you’re likely to get it the day of release. But the lower on the pre-order list you get, you can end up being on later dates.

  • Sly

    wonderful 🙁 I guess we won’t know for sure until the pre-ordering starts tonight

  • guest

    so it’s a gamble

  • Nafizur

    for people who preordered in the past and had it delivered. Did your device get delivered on the launch date or had to wait few more days? let’s say i pre=order right at 3am est

  • guest2

    There’s no way i’m going to trust this in store pickup system… If it’s gonna be a gamble…

  • Mike Hearts

    No one seems to be able to give a straight answer for Rogers. I’ve heard 12:00am PST 3:00am PST and 4am PST

  • I did the pick-up process last year for the iPad Air when i was in vacation in California…. It worked very well… If they do it tonight in Canada, for the iPhone… Great.

    It was easy… go online tonight (at the right time) and pre-oder it and ask for pick-up (if this option is available)… I remember the day of the launch of the iPad Air, i did receive an email from the store telling me to come and my order was ready. It was simple and quick….

    I think with all the confusion about it … the best bet is to see tonight at pre-order time… if you see the option and want it… go for it.. if not there… just buy it online….

  • Nafizur

    F rogers. Bunch of robbers… i’m not sure why you’re even considering upgrading. Might as well buy it out right.. i know cashflow wise.. it’s a hit. but worth it from a cost benefit perspective.

  • Alex Randell

    Someone who has gone through it more recently can correct, but when I did it a few years ago, I presented my credit card in-store and they charged it same as a normal purchase.

    If you’re reserving for pick up, then you’re actually purchasing from the individual retail store. If they charged your card right away, you’d be paying Apple Canada, not the store.

  • d

    No it isn’t, they don’t give very good discounts for bring your own device.

  • MeadorsMusings

    Always got it on day of release. Granted I live in major city.

  • MeadorsMusings

    I used it for the launch of the iPad mini Retina and it worked fine.

  • Tommy

    What’s the difference between the pre-order option from Apple and for example the pre-order option from Telus? If I pre-order on Telus website, does it means my phone will be available for pick-up at a Telus store? Or is it better to pre-order from Apple and sign a contract with Telus at the moment we get the iPhone (into the Apple store)? I don’t want an unlocked iPhone, I don’t care being under a 2 years contract to decrease the initial purchase cost. Thanks.

  • MeadorsMusings

    Maybe. When I used the system for the iPad minim Retina, I had a two hour window to come down to the Apple Store to pick it up – otherwise it was guaranteed. So I’m not sure about the iPhone 6 launch. It’s a good question.

  • Shaun

    Well you just said it yourself…. “they said the pre-sale starts at 6am EST”. Do you not believe them or something? lol

  • alex

    great – thank you. So if i’m let’s say number 36… it means there are 35 people before me or the numbers don’t make sense? Also, how many units big cities like TO usually get ?

  • Nick

    Just got a confirmation from Bell, 7:30AM EST start time for pre-orders

  • MeadorsMusings

    This is a question that likely won’t have an answer until launch day or next week. When I did the in-store reservation for the iPad mini Retina I was given a few choices of 2 hour blocks when I could pick it up. But if I didn’t pick it up within that 2 hour block, then there was no guarantee of getting the iPad.
    So as far as how this will work with the iPhone 6 and 6+ is still a bit of an unknown.

  • Chris Zhu

    Same question, if I’m reserving for pickup do I pay online tonight or do I pay when I get my phone at the store?

  • Scott

    Apple has posted the Delivery dates for Canada if you pre-order the phone. All you need to do is add something to your cart, start checking out and you’ll see More details about iPhone delivery dates
    Seems like cities getting it 9/19 are MTL, TOR, HAL, St Johns, WIN, REG, SASK, CGY, EDM, VAN

  • Nick

    I’m wondering the same thing it’s not clear yet it seems

  • Nafizur

    you gotta go on a contract with telus, bell, fido, rogers. apple is unlocked and no contract.

  • Nafizur

    good good, i also live in Toronto.. so let’s see. I’m planing to order 4 phones. Hopefully i get them. I’ll ship 2 and pick up 2

  • MeadorsMusings

    Great info. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  • Guest

    Anybody have any information on the pre-order processes for places like Futureshop or Bestbuy for those without apple stores nearby?

  • Tommy

    All the people who wait in line at an Apple Store or who pre-order from Apple are buying an unlocked iPhone at almost 1000$ (average)??? Wow! That’s a lot of money…

  • MeadorsMusings

    Just a heads up, there’s always been a limit of 2 per credit card.

  • Alex

    great – thank you. So if i’m let’s say number 36… it means there are 35 people before me or the numbers don’t make sense? Also, how many units big cities like TO usually get ?

  • Jason

    I was looking to do the same thing. I’d prefer to reserve for in store pick up with Apple but I am an existing Rogers customer looking to upgrade to the new iPhone on a renewed contract. So if I am reading your response correctly, if I reserve via Apple I won’t be “locked” in to an unlocked device and go and pick up in store and sign for a renewed contract? Is my understanding correct? I know I can reserve directly with Rogers but I figure straight from the source is a safer bet. Appreciate your thoughts if you know. Thanks.

  • Nafizur

    if you compare how much you end up paying at the end of 2 year contract.. it will blow your mind and make u regret going on that 2 year and wished you had bought it for $1000

  • Nafizur

    ahh thanks for the heads up. I guess i’ll try to push 2 through apple financing and 2 on my credit card. I noticed on the Apple Store app on the iphone. there is no option to chose the financing option as a method of payment.. only visa, amex, and master card.

  • Mike Hearts

    No, because others have said 12am and the Rogers customer reps have been very wrong before. 2 days ago they said they wouldn’t take preorders until October

  • Mike Hearts

    So no one knows if Rogers is 12am or 3am PST?

  • Mike Hearts

    So no one knows if Rogers is 12am or 3am PST..?

  • Drkpassengr

    Yes, i called Best Buy and you need to drop by any store location anytime tomorrow to pre order the phone, they require a $50 deposit. Most locations open at 10am.

  • Steeve

    There’s pickup option for 6 plus or 6

  • MeadorsMusings

    For the iPhone 5S the Rogers pre-order was lather than the Apple one. So the 3 PST could very well be true. Why not just call Rogers?

  • dman

    same here for the Brossard location, deny in store pick up

  • Shaun

    hmm. Well if I can remember correctly… 2 years ago when I got a iphone 5 I remember having to get up at 3am PST to reserve one. I don’t know if that changed last year though. But from what other people have said, like the guy on here who’s on Fido, he said pre orders are at 3am pst. I kinda think that Rogers would be the same.

  • Alex Randell

    Just so you know, Future Shop and Best Buy pre-orders are not like Apple Store pre-orders. You can pre-order from them, but there’s no guarantee when you’ll actually get your phone. If you read the fine print, they don’t guarantee you’ll get one, just that you’ll be “among the first” to get one.

    As well, they only sell on new contracts or renewals, no outright buys.

  • AEd

    No you can get an on contract phone on launch day at the Apple Store (from Fido, Telus, etc.)

  • Waiting in line is fun, I just don’t think my body can do it again overnight. Once was enough!

  • navin

    the store lied maybe to throw off customers? who knows it says on apple Canada website that it will be available for instore

  • You pay a $50 deposit and then they call you when your phone of choice is available.

  • navin

    what do you mean retail page link? the store page?

  • MeadorsMusings

    Once? Amateur – lol
    Yeah, I’m not sure I can do it again either.

  • Tommy

    I just talked with someone at a Telus store to have more information. She told me that pre-orders from their website are shipped only, we can’t pick up in store.

    I also asked for the difference about an unlocked iPhone (full price) vs. when the phone is included with a contract. She told me they remove 10%. So for example, instead of 80$ it would be 72$. But according to Telus website, they remove 20$, so let’s take this example. Scenario 1: Purchase at 340$ (iPhone 6 64 gigs) + 24 months at 80$ (1920$) = 2260$. Scenario 2: Purchase at 860$ + 24 months at 60$ (1440$) = 2300$. There is no real saving to buy the device upfront. And for the “no contract” incentive… anyway if you have a cell phone you need an active line. So even if you don’t have a contract, you will have to pay every single month a specific amount of money to have a cellular connexion, so for me it’s not really an incentive because with or without a contract, we need to pay anyway.

  • Noel

    Where on the website are the delivery dates for Canada? You cannot add an iPhone 6 or 6+ to your cart or check out right now so how can you possibly see those dates?

  • Nafizur

    My plan is an old plan. $59 taxes in. 350 minutes, unlimited, 6gb data and iPhone value pack. $900 for phone and $1440 for plan over 2 years. That’s $2340.

    If I want to get it on contract, I’ll have to switch to an in market plan and to match my current plan, it will cost me $130 per month, that’s $3,120 plus $369 for the phone plusss the tab balance from my 5s upgrade which is $320 (many don’t even realize they have to pay the tab balance off) so the total for 2 years is $3,809

    So yeah.. For my need, it’s definitely beneficial to buy it out right.

  • hahah I know, you are the overnight king when it comes to waiting in line, I can’t keep up 😉

  • Tommy, you will need to look at what the plan offers you in case 1 and case 2. In case 1: $80 will get you only $50MB data. In case 2, most people probably get at least 3GB data or even 6 GB data. For the same amount of data, new plans will probably cost you $125 a month. So, I think you need to also look at your data bucket instead of price only. 500 MB of data is just too little these days

  • Nafizur

    How come the apple store app doesn’t have the option to pick up from store? Also, is there anyway to make the App Store app not ask for my password? I just wanna make the transaction as fast as possible

  • Tommy

    With your current plan and your current iPhone, I agree with you.

    I also have a very old plan and I have an iPhone 4 so I’m more than due for a new phone and there is no balance to pay. I’m with Rogers since 15 years, leaving for Telus in few days. I pay around 110$ every month with my current plan, and with a new plan I will pay a very similar amount. I have 6 gigs for 30$ + 250 min for 25$ + options for 10$ + unlimited call for 10$ + early evening unlimited calls for 5$ + my iPad share the data for 10$… = 90$ before taxes. With the new plans, unlimited calls and everything included, it’s 80$ for 4 gigs + 10$ to share data with a tablet = 90$ before taxes. For me it’s more interesting to take a new plan and to go with an iPhone on contract. I will save more than 500$ upfront, and at the end of 2 years, the total amount of money spent will be very similar as if I decide to purchase the device upfront.

  • holly

    I’ve never made a purchase like this using the Apple Store app. How does it work? Should you have the options selected (color, size, etc.) prior to 12:01 PST? Or wait until the time to make those selections? If you do the free shipping, and assuming you get your order in right away (and live in a large city, i.e. Toronto), can someone confirm if (from their experience) you’ll receive the phone on launch day? Thank you!

  • dgsuzuki

    If i pre-order tonight on the app or, can i pre-order a LOCKED Fido phone? i assume i just do the reserve in store… it’s not only unlocked tonight at 3am (EST) right?

  • mounties99

    All major cities will get it on the 19th according to the link. Here is a link to shipping times to rural postal codes:

  • Noel

    Thanks, Dunno how you found that. I’m in Toronto and see no delivery dates for postal codes starting with M

  • Tommy

    I did not realized that there is a huge difference between plans in Quebec and plans for all the other provinces. It’s 30$ more money to have the same thing outside the province of Quebec. For example, the 4 Gigs plan (everything unlimited) is 80$ in Quebec, but 110$ elsewhere. The 6 Gigs plan is 95$ in Quebec, 125$ elsewhere. That’s crazy how much money the Big-3 are doing. For the same service, just because we now have Videotron (with reduced prices and no collusion) as an additional player on the market, they can offer the same service for 30$ less money per month.

  • ss

    2:45 AM EST, hoping to get my hands on the pre-order list, online order option is not yet open..

  • Mike

    Rogers reservation is open, despite what they said.

  • Mike Hearts

    How do I complete my Rogers order? I get to the point where I choose where the
    phone is shipped to and then I can’t scroll down any more

  • ticky13

    Currently not seeing any pickup option for Canada on the website or app. Considering just picking up a T-Mobile unlocked one as I’ll be in the US on the Sunday after launch.

  • Pete

    can i line up and pick up an iphone 6 launch day with no
    or do you have to reserve it?

  • Yes. But it will be busy so you might want to get there early…