iPhone 6s to Reportedly Get Force Touch Input like Apple Watch

According to a report by AppleInsider, people familiar with development of Apple’s next-generation handsets are claiming that the dynamic Force Touch input found on the Apple Watch is expected to make its way to iPhone 6s models. For those who aren’t aware, Force Touch technology senses force in addition to recognizing touch, thus adding a whole new dimension to the user interface. It takes advantage of tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display and distinguishes between a light tap and a deep press.

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The sources claim that the “iPhone 6s” and “iPhone 6s Plus” devices are currently being tested internally under codenames “N71” and “N66” respectively, both of which will retain the same two screen sizes and chassis design as the iPhone 6 lineup. One source also said that Apple experimented with putting Force Touch in the iPhone 6 last year, but “calibration” issues led to the feature being pulled from the device during its development cycle. But now with imminent Apple Watch release, any issues preventing a potential iPhone debut of Force Touch have presumably been resolved.

Meanwhile, the sources have dismissed the rumours of a two-camera system in the “iPhone 6s” lineup:

People familiar with the ongoing development of N71 and N66 have also dismissed the notion of a two-camera system in the “iPhone 6s” lineup, explaining that doing so would require a major redesign of the chassis of the handset. As in years past, this year’s “s” upgrades are expected to look largely identical to their predecessor, with the most significant updates coming in the form of hidden internal upgrades and Force Touch.

A rumor popped up in November claiming Apple’s next-generation iPhone will employ a “two-lens system” to capture DSLR-quality images. Existing smartphones and small form factor devices, like HTC’s One M8, already sport secondary imager for calculating depth data.

People familiar with the matter also said that packing in an extra camera would require a modification of iPhone’s housing, which will not be happening this year.