‘Ms. PacMan,’ ‘Asteroid,’ and More Played on an iPhone With a 1977 Atari CX10 Joystick


YouTube channel “Will It Work?” attempted to connect a 1977 Atari CX10 Joystick to an iPhone.

As seen in the below video, the YouTuber used a raphnet adapter, which are used for connecting retro console controllers to USB. The inter-console adapter used featured the DB9 connector on one end, converting the signal into a Wii classic controller input on the other end.

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By using the converter cable connected to a GBros adapter, which allows users to connect GameCube and Wii Classic controllers to the Nintendo Switch, Macs, Windows, and iPhones, the YouTuber was able to control Ms. PacMan on the iPhone with the classic Atari controller.

He was also able to control Atari games, like PitfallAdventure, Asteroids, Hero, Superman, and E.T., all streamed directly through the browser.

So if you’ve got any old Atari controllers laying around and feel like a little gaming nostalgia, just break out your iPhone.