Jony Ive Reportedly Focused on ‘Spaceship’ Campus Instead of iPhone, Mac Design

Jony Ive may be focusing on other things than designing Apple products, according to John Gruber, who has been talking with long-time Apple journalist Jason Snell on this “The Talk Show” podcast. That’s unless the Apple Campus is to be considered an Apple product, of course. If it is, order is has been restored to the universe (via AppleInsider).

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This is rather interesting, but the two have speculated that Ive, Apple’s head of design, is focusing on the “Spaceship” campus, the company’s new headquarters, where they will move in January, 2017, according to the plan.

“I’ve heard that he has lately been checked out or not as directly involved with product design and that he’s been largely focused on architecture,” said Gruber. “And that maybe the other top-level executive who’s been working the most with Ive is Angela Ahrendts.”

Although the evidence seems to be missing, the pair speculate based on what they have heard from different parties that Jony Ive may be “easing his way out of Apple”. They also suggest that Apple’s Project Titan – the much talked about Apple car – was originally started because of Jony Ive, but a recent Bloomberg report claiming this project will be taking a different direction, plus the recent book the company has released, seem to point to the end of the Jony Ive era, according to the two.

They consider it a portfolio of a designer’s work, particularly because it includes the period when he started designing Apple products. What do you think? Is Ive preparing his route out of Apple?

Update: Gruber has clarified what he meant to say on the podcast, noting what he has heard is not from primary sources, but rather secondary sources, regarding Ive stepping away from design.

But he also added well-connected sources have informed him of the exact opposite–that Ive is “as connected to product design as ever”:

When I first started seeing these “Gruber thinks Jony Ive is on his way out” stories, I was appalled. It felt like a punch to the gut, because it wasn’t what I meant to convey, and I realize how influential my word is in such regards. But perhaps it was worth it. It shook a few well-placed little birdies out of the tree, all of whom emphasized that Jony Ive is as connected to product design as ever.