All LCBO Locations Now Accept Apple Pay

If you’ve been using Apple Pay, there’s a new retailer that officially accepts the mobile payment—all Liquor Control Board of Ontario locations.

According to a recent tweet by the LCBO last week (via MacRumors), all 650 retail locations now accept Apple Pay. This means when you’re running in to grab a drank or two, you will no longer need your wallet, but just your iPhone 6 (or newer) or Apple Watch.

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Earlier this spring, LCBO stores received memos to not accept Apple Pay, despite terminals accepting tap payments. However, according to one unconfirmed LCBO on Reddit, stores last month received updated memos to finally accept Apple Pay, now that all ‘Big 5’ Canadian banks have come on board.

But last week’s tweet has now made everything official, so there should be no more issues using Apple Pay at government liquor stores in Ontario. Don’t forget to follow our Apple Pay tips for a seamless experience.

Have you been using Apple Pay at LCBO locations?