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Lyft’s Annual Report Highlights Economic Impact on Greater Toronto Area

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San Francisco-based ride sharing company Lyft has today its annual Economic Impact Report, detailing how the company is helping create a seamless city living experience by making it easier for people to get around and experience the Greater Toronto Area.

Lyft GTA

The report, which also provides an insight into its rider and driver communities within the city, notes that Lyft has encouraged the use of multimodal transportation as well as a reduction in car ownership.

“Every day, people across the GTA use the Lyft platform for reliable, affordable transportation and a flexible earning opportunity,” said Hannah Parish, General Manager of Ontario for Lyft. “We’re proud to continue operating and investing in the Toronto community to benefit the city, riders and drivers.”

Some key highlights from the report in Toronto include:

  • 56% of riders have used a Lyft service to get to or from public transit
  • 60% of Lyft riders do not own or lease a personal vehicle
  • 56% use Lyft to get around when public transit does not operate
  • 70% of riders living with a disability state that Lyft has increased their independence

The full report for Toronto and everywhere else Lyft operates will soon be available at

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