Microsoft Force Feeds Chromium Edge Browser via Automatic Windows Update

As highlighted by the folks over at The Verge, Microsoft seems to be abusing its automatic updates feature by forcing Windows users to install its new Chromium Edge browser. What’s even worse, users can’t even uninstall the Edge browser any longer following the intrusive update.

Here’s what’s happening to Windows 10 users:

When I restarted my Windows 10 desktop this week, an app I’d never asked for:

  1. Immediately launched itself
  2. Tried to convince me to migrate away from Chrome, giving me no discernible way to click away or say no
  3. Pinned itself to my desktop and taskbar
  4. Ignored my previous browser preference by asking me — the next time I launched a website — whether I was sure I wanted to use Chrome instead of Microsoft’s oh-so-humble recommendation.

Numerous other angry Windows users are also railing against the fact that this came as part of a forced Windows update. Below are some examples from Twitter: