Mississauga Council Votes to Halt Uber Operations While City Debates Next Steps


Uber has been asked to halt operations in Mississauga while city council debates the best way forward. The councillors said the ride-sharing service is currently a part of the “underground economy.”

In a statement, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie said:

“Businesses that operate in Mississauga must do so under our laws. Council made the responsible decision by voting to further review, study and engage community and industry stakeholders on how to proceed with revising the existing by-law …”

Even though the council has voted, this does not mean that Uber drivers will comply, as they are still able to operate in Mississauga at their own risk. In a report, Uber argued that it provides safe and reliable rides for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional taxis. Uber Canada spokesperson Susie Heath said:

“We’ve been working with officials in Mississauga and across Canada to update rules for ride sharing, just as we have in over 70 jurisdictions around the world. We look forward to continuing our work with officials in Mississauga to modernize regulations to encourage innovation, put people first and create safe, reliable and affordable transportation options.”

The ride-sharing company has argued that it doesn’t make sense to have different regulations for each GTA municipality, since Uber drivers cross those boundaries thousands of times every day.

Mississauga city council will be looking at a staff report on Uber in April. At this point, the public vehicle advisory committee will make a recommendation for possible next steps.

[via CBC]