Montreal Students Release App Dedicated to Tracking Creepy Clown Sightings


Montreal students have released an app that is dedicated to tracking creepy clown sightings. The app was inspired by the social-media phenomenon of creepy clown sightings, which first occurred in early August when reports of these sightings started in the United States and slowly made their way to Canada.

Some of these clowns have been harmless, however there were some reports that have been more serious. For example, a group of teenagers in Gatineau dressed up as clowns chased a group of kids home from the park.

The app is called Clown Spotters and it is available for iOS and Android. The app allows Montrealers to report and track sightings of clowns in and around the city. In a statement to CBC News, John Abbott College student and developer of the app Saleem Usama, said:

“We as a team said we have to do something about it.”

Users just have to open the app and a map will appear with the locations of all recent clown sightings. The app also extends to users in the United States.