Netflix to Remove User-Written Reviews at the End of the Month

Netflix will soon remove a feature that was only available to desktop users — the option to read and write reviews.

According to a new report from CNET, the removal is coming in phases. First, written reviews will no longer be allowed on its website by July 30; by mid-August, existing reviews will no longer be accessible for existing users to peruse.

“This feature is only offered on the website and has seen declining usage over time,” said Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran. The streaming service used to allow people to rate programs with one to five stars. But, early last year, the company changed it to a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.

Some people questioned whether this change is over simplistic and is dumbing down the method of giving likes, but Netflix says that it has received more ratings under the thumbs-up, thumbs-down system, a reason why it wants to go ahead with the system.

Considering these reviews could be written and seen only on the Netflix website, it’s unlikely this will have as much as an impact — or attract as much controversy — as the previous change to the review system.

If users would still like to read reviews for the next few weeks, they need to click on your chosen content, select “Details” and find the “Members Reviews” option on the right of the pane. From there, you click on “See All Reviews” and then a “Write A Review” button should pop up.

The thumb-review system is to remain unchanged, as it is totally independent of the written reviews uploaded to the content streaming service.

Netflix’s latest test involves a new higher-priced tier called “Ultra,” which is being offered to users in Europe. It takes away features such as HDR and more simultaneous streams from lower-priced tiers, essentially a sign of Netflix testing how much viewers value them.