Regina Police Officer Offers Pokemon Go Safety Tips

A police officer in Regina has offered safety tips for Pokemon Go players, in an effort to keep people safe as they roam the city to catch Pokemon. In a blog post, the Regina Police Service said:

“The Regina Police Service has noticed the high number of residents walking around playing Pokemon Go. While the game has gotten players off the couch and enjoying walks outside, we’d like to remind you of a few safe playing habits, so that catching virtual creatures doesn’t put you in actual danger.”

Here are some tips offered by the police service to help you stay out of real danger:

  • Be aware of your surroundings: Know where you are and don’t travel into isolated areas alone. Don’t wander too far from your original location.
  • Play as a team: Go out with a group of your friends, as there is safety in numbers.
  • Be street-smart: Do not travel into the path of traffic for a Pokémon. Look both ways as you cross the street and don’t use your phone while crossing; keep your head up.
  • Catch Carefully: Do not jump out of vehicles to “catch” the creatures.
  • Big buddies: Younger children should not be playing alone. Parents and caregivers can accompany young children and enjoy the bonding and fitness benefits.
  • Early birds vs Night owls: If you can, play during daylight hours. If you can only play at night, wear reflective clothing and travel in groups.

The augmented reality game, which overlays images of Pokemon characters over real life objects, has become a worldwide sensation in less than a week. The game is still not officially available in Canada, but this hasn’t stopped Canadians from grabbing their smartphones and giving it a try.