Pokemon Go Server Load Was 10 Times Worse Than Niantic’s Expected Worst Case Scenario


It did not take too long for the servers behind Pokemon Go to crash after the game official launched in July. The server issues caused Niantic to pause its international rollout.

On Thursday, Google shared a chart that shows the number of transactions per second from Pokemon Go on Google’s Cloud Platform, which Niantic used to host the game. The chart indicates how popular the game actually was, generating over 50 times more traffic than Niantic expected. The game actually ended up generated 10 times more traffic than Niantic’s worst case scenario.

google niantic chart

Amid the rush to get the game back online in a stable fashion, Niantic CEO John Hanke put out a call for help to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, who fast-tracked the reinforcements. In Google’s official blog post, the company said:

“Niantic’s Pokémon GO was an all-hands-on-deck launch that required quick and highly informed decisions across more than a half-dozen teams.”

Diane Greene, Google’s SVP of Cloud, said that she was proud in the role that her company played in helping Pokemon Go get back on its feet.

[via Business Insider]