Pulse News Reader Now Available On Your Desktop Computer

Pulse, the popular news reader app for iOS which was endorsed by Steve Jobs at WWDC as “a wonderful RSS reader”, is now available as a fully featured Pulse for web application on Mac and Windows desktop computers. Developers of Pulse have brought the app’s popular tile interface for news articles to the web which automatically and dynamically adjusts to any browser window.

Pulse for web users can also enjoy seamless syncing of content and preferences between mobile and desktop versions. Users simply need to sign in to their free Pulse.me account to sync information between various platforms.

From the official Pulse blog:

Two years ago, we released Pulse for iPad to make browsing news on mobile devices faster, simpler and more beautiful than ever before. It wasn’t long until our users let us know that the problem we solved wasn’t confined to mobile devices. Even on the web, people have to bookmark their favorite websites, switch contexts from site to site, and have no simple way to share or save stories. That changes today with the launch of Pulse for the Web.

Pulse for the web is designed for discovery. The dynamic layout takes full advantage of the size of your browser, making large beautiful images the center of your experience. Your content will always fill your browser without wasting a single pixel. You can also easily switch from a smart dynamic layout to a simple chronological layout. An easy infinite scroll ensures that you’re never out of content to explore.

Pulse for web is accessible on most modern browsers including Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome & Firefox. Try it out now at www.pulse.me.