Schlage Encode Plus Launching in Canada Officially in 2023, Limited Release Right Now

Schlage Encode Plus smart lock

Earlier this month we told you about the new Schlage Encode Plus smart lock with Apple HomeKey support showing up as in stock at The Home Depot in Canada.

The Schlage Encode Plus debuted at CES this year and supports using your Apple Watch or iPhone to tap to unlock, thanks to HomeKey support.

But quantities are hard to find of the Schlage Encode Plus in Canada. That’s because according to Schlage, the company tells iPhone in Canada the smart lock is currently in limited release here. The Home Depot received a “very limited” quantity said a spokesperson via email.

Schlage didn’t elaborate on the reasons for the limited Canadian stock of the Encode Plus, only to tell us the official launch in Canada will now take place in 2023 (we’re going to assume supply chain issues like everything else on the planet right now).

Until then, good luck with trying to locate one in stock in Canada. If you see some in stock, let us know by sending an email to or sending us a tweet. We’ll keep our eyes open as well for you.

We should have a hands-on look at the Encode Plus in 2023 and will share full thoughts on the HomeKey smart lock when the time comes.