Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay Expands Across Canada March 15th [u]

Starbucks has announced this morning its Mobile Order & Pay feature will further expand across Canada starting March 15th (except in Quebec). The feature allows customers to order ahead and pay for coffee beverages, food and more from their iPhone (or Android) app, then pick up at a designated area at stores, bypassing lines.

Starbucks Canada told iPhone in Canada in a statement they were “thrilled” to expand the Mobile Order & Pay feature, noting 950 stores nationwide will support it, or 89% of their stores on March 15th. The company did not explain why Quebec was excluded at launch.

Starbucks launched the mobile feature last fall in the U.S. after successful pilot tests, and later introduced it to Canada in October, starting in Toronto. In January of this year, Starbucks expanded the program to 130 stores in Vancouver.

So in one week’s time, you’ll soon be able to order ahead from your iPhone and bypass lines at your local Starbucks. If you haven’t been using this already in Vancouver or Toronto, let us know if you’re excited for this to arrive. It’s going to come in handy in the summer for orange-mocha-frappuccinosss.

Update: Starbucks Canada informs us Quebec is set to launch Mobile Order & Pay officially next year.