Super Nintendo Emulator ‘Floppy Cloud’ Sneaks Into The iOS App Store


Floppy Cloud is a file management app that allows users to manage their files from a Dropbox account or FTP server directly on their iOS device.

According to a report from TouchArcade, the app allows users to easily emulate Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. The app allows users to import .nes files (NES ROM) or .smc files (Super Nintendo ROM) via Dropbox, allowing users to “manage” the file. Whenever one of those two file types are selected, an emulator pops up and allows iOS users to play the video game.

“It’s masquerading as a file management app, which technically lets you manage your files, but if you let it “manage” a .nes NES ROM or a .smc Super Nintendo ROM in a very special way: It’ll load right up inside of the appropriate emulator. Both iCade and MFi controllers are supported too, making this a particularly sweet find for someone who owns any kind of controller accessory.

Using Floppy Cloud is super easy. Download the app onto your iOS device, load it up, and hit the “+” in the top right corner to connect to your Dropbox account.”

In the past, Apple has taken a strict stance on emulators in the App Store. The company normally takes them down as quickly as possible. As of the time of this post the app is still available on the App Store, however, it may be pulled at any time.

Floppy Cloud is available to download from the App Store for $1.99. The app requires a device running iOS 7 or later and has been optimized for the iPhone 5.