TEO: A Canadian Designed Smart Padlock by OckCorp


TEO, a Kickstarter project started by OckCorp, aims to be the world’s first key-less padlock that you can unlock, lock, access, and share with an app on your Bluetooth enabled device.

The padlock has Bluetooth LE support allowing users to unlock it with their iPhone or other Bluetooth LE compatible smart device. Using an app on your smart device, TEO lets you send permissions to a number of different people to open and close your various padlocks. These people, whether they are friends, family members, clients or employees can have different levels of access.


Gord Duncan, CEO of Total North, a BWI and IT company located in Whitehorse, says that TEO solves all the problems associated with a traditional padlock, like losing your keys. He says businesses will also benefit from TEO, by giving them fine grain control of who can access specific locks. Also, there is no limit to how many locks an administrator can oversee.

Here is a complete list of hardware and software features TEO provides:

You can share access to your TEO keyless padlock with others:

•One time.

•On a time limited basis.

•On a license limited basis.

•Numerous times (or all the time).

TEO’s app functions:

•Lock and unlock.

•Battery life gauge.


•Re-key provision.

•Password and code access to others.

•QR code to give you information about your TEO.

•Password set.

•Location information.


•Lost password.

•Re-key provision.

•Mechanical failure.

•Power issues.

TEO has another 53 days to reach its goal of $165,000. The Kickstarter project has raised almost one-third of its total goal. Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this Bluetooth-enabled padlock.