This Transparent iPhone 8 Concept Looks Pretty Awesome [PICS]

Consumers have always gone a little bit nuts over unique color options for the most popular smartphones on the market – recall how well received the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red edition was. Now, German blog Curved has released their unique take on the upcoming iPhone 8 – and this time it has no color at all.

While Apple is most likely never going to release such a radical design, the idea of a transparent iPhone 8 (made using the most recent renderings of the smartphone) certainly displays a unique and exciting concept for the phone. Check out the high-quality renderings here.

“Everybody is talking about the next iPhone,” Curved Editor in Chief Felix Disselhoff said. “But what if Apple made a transparent glass edition of iPhone 8—as a reminiscence to the legendary half-transparent iMac G3?”

Inspired by YouTuber “JerryRigEverything,” who has in the past removed the rear film and coating from a Samsung Galaxy S8 and a LG G6, designers at Curved imagined a transparent iPhone, allowing users to peer into the inner workings of the smartphone.

Obviously, the front of the remains more or less the same, consisting of the expected OLED display featuring a fingerprint sensor under the screen itself. The front-facing camera seems to be the sole break in the bezel-free, full-screen display.

Things start to get interesting on the rear, where the concept features an all-glass construction, allowing for clear views into the smartphone’s internals, such as the Taptic Engine, logic board, and, of course, the A11 chip.

While we can only hope that Apple takes cues from the designers at Curved, for now we can only marvel at the design. Check out a video of the sexy iPhone concept below.