New Images Show Off Upcoming Standalone Music and TV Apps Slated for macOS 10.15

A new report from 9to5Mac shows off a pair of screenshots for the upcoming standalone Music and TV apps, both of which are said to be coming along with macOS 10.15 later this year.

It seems as if Apple will be adopting a similar design language across the apps, with both the Music and TV apps showing a similar gray sidebar that details sections of content, as well as a larger area on the right that will display said content.

The design is similar to that of the classic iTunes design albeit with a more modern aesthetic, featuring colourful sidebar icons rather than the grayscale design that iTunes featured for years.

The standalone Music app will apparently still allow users to sync content with an iOS device when physically connected to their computer. Those connected devices will show up on the sidebar as well, along with the categories in Apple Music, library, and more.

The standalone TV app, on the other hand, will focus on separating the online content found within iTunes and the user’s personal library of content. The toolbar at the top includes the options “Watch Now,” “Movies,” “TV Shows,” “Kids,” and “Library.” The sidebar will offer things like “Recently Watched,” “Downloaded,” and more.

While the images don’t reveal a lot of detail as some data has been redacted to protect the sources, the report explains, they do provide an idea of what the new layout will look like, as well as illustrating that the new apps are not going to in any way simply be direct Marzipan ports of their iOS counterparts.