Apple Says tvOS Apps Can Now Be Up to 4GB in Size, Instead of 200MB Max

Apple has announced to developers tvOS binaries have increased in size, with app bundles jumping from 200MB to 4GB, while apps can use On-Demand Resources “to host up to 20GB of additional content on the App Store.”

The size limit of a tvOS app bundle has increased from 200 MB to 4 GB, so you can include more media in your submission and provide a complete, rich user experience upon installation. Also, tvOS apps can use On-Demand Resources to host up to 20 GB of additional content on the App Store.

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Apple previously limited tvOS apps to be 200MB in size, with an option to download an extra 2GB of resources over-the-air. Now, it appears on-demand resources have increased too, to 20GB in size. With Apple TV 4 units available only in 32GB or 64GB capacities, on-demand resources allows developers to have apps download content on demand only when needed, and automatically purged when no longer necessary.