Twitter to Begin Testing a New ‘Hide Replies’ Feature Next Week in Canada

Social networking site Twitter has announced that it will finally begin testing its new “Hide Replies” feature next week in Canada.

According to a new blog post from the company, the feature — which is starting next week in Canada as a limited trial with a global rollout expected sometime next month — will allow you to select any replies to your tweets and use the new icon from the dropdown menu to hide the ones you deem as distracting, irrelevant, offensive, or simply out of place in the discussion.

To hide a reply, the original tweeter simply needs to tap the down arrow on the unwanted reply and then select “Hide Reply” from the options. It will then disappear from the conversation for anyone else viewing it.

But, Twitter also said that “anyone around the world will be able to see and engage with hidden replies by tapping the grey icon that will appear.”

“We want to be clear and transparent when someone has made the decision to hide a reply and will be looking at how this feature gives more control to authors while not compromising the transparency and openness that is central to what makes Twitter so powerful,” said Twitter in the blog post titled “Giving you more control over your conversations.”

Twitter says that by starting the feature in a single country, it’ll have enough feedback to understand how the new feature should work in other countries. The company will tweak the feature based on the feedback it receives from users.