Twitter Creates First Canadian Engineering Hub Within Toronto Office

Twitter is building its first Canadian engineering hub based out of its Toronto office, adding dozens of new members to the team.

Twitter Canada today announced that the size of its new engineering team in Canada will be based on scale and need, but the current plan is to create at least two dozen new roles that will be posted on their careers page in the coming days.

“We have folks that are from Canadian schools or have Canadian backgrounds and they’ve just been really successful in growing their careers here,” said Tristan Jung, a senior engineering manager involved with Twitter’s hiring.

“The thought process was why don’t we just go to the source instead of having to pull them all into the Bay Area? Toronto was the best place to do so.”

Twitter explains that the initial hires will fall within the Discovery & Connection, Health and Content teams, while the hiring process will be led by a pair of University of Waterloo graduates: Vivek Trehan, director of engineering, and Tristan Jung, senior engineering manager.

The announcement is part of Twitter’s broader goal of establishing a strong engineering presence in multiple markets worldwide.